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About Us: The Board


Stuart Davis, Director

Stuart Davis

Stuart was responsible for founding Total (then Total Telecommunications Ltd) in June 1998.

With a background in insurance and financial services, dealing with corporate clients, more recently Stuart founded and ran a small, successful IT business, selling hardware and related finance to small businesses. During this time he identified the potential in the telecommunications market and predicted the amalgamation that would take place with the IT industry.

Stuart manages relationships with the key suppliers and is responsible for driving the acquisition and development strategy of the group.

‘Fifteen years ago, I felt the market was confusing for customers and there was a definite need for good, honest advice, combined with quality service – these principles remain firmly at the core of our business today.’


Stuart Baikie, Managing Director

Stuart Baikie Stuart joined Total in March 1999 and is responsible for the day to day operational management of the business.

He has a strong background in corporate sales and an extensive track record in the management of business to business sales teams. Stuart’s industry experience spans eighteen years, having previously worked in Sales Management for a mobile service provider.

Stuart still likes to keep his hand in today when it comes to Sales, particularly in the development of strategic partnerships. However, his experience over the years has also instilled the importance of strong two-way customer relationships and the highest levels of service, support and non-biased advice.

‘Our success stems from our ability to listen to our customers and act accordingly. In a fast moving marketplace, it is imperative to understand the challenges a business faces and provide a genuine solution, rather than simply implementing technology for technology’s sake’.


Lorrin White, Operations Director

Lorrin White Lorrin joined Total in 2002 and is responsible for administrative, service and back office functions.

She has fifteen years experience in administration, service and project control within small to medium-sized companies in the financial services and International software sectors.

Lorrin brings skills in operational management with experience in leading sales focused businesses into service environments. She is strategically focused with a passion for quality, leading numerous programmes and projects dealing with process improvement, human resource, customer satisfaction, business systems and operations.

‘Watching people develop throughout the business has been incredibly rewarding over the years and I look forward to seeing much more of this, as we continue to deliver and grow.’


Paul Giacalone, Sales Director

Paul Giacalone Paul joined Total in October 2006, having been involved in mobile and general telecommunications since the mid-eighties – a time, he remembers, when handsets resembled slabs of concrete and the Motorola 8500X was the ultimate phone in terms of desirability!

Throughout this time, Paul worked for some of the biggest service providers and Tier 1 networks, gaining a wealth of market experience and a genuine understanding of what customers really want.

Paul is a very strong advocate of listening, which is strongly reflected in our sales and service strategy.

‘Working at Total is extremely enjoyable and every day is different. We have passionate people who really do care about the customer.’


John Lomer, Finance Director

John Lomer John is an accountant with wide experience in industry and corporate finance. He trained with KPMG in London and was formerly Group Finance Director of Finsbury Food Group PLC. He also has extensive Mergers and Acquisitions experience.

John has been involved in the telecoms industry for twelve years and has been associated with Total in various capacities since 2001.

‘We have an exceptional group of people with a vibrant, customer focused culture, which has not only brought the business to where it is today but also has the drive, ability and passion to realise its future potential.’