By being honest and ethical, we build partnerships with real depth and value, co-creating to provide solutions that are tailored, innovative and insightful

True partnership

Being solutions-focused means we need to have a really clear picture of our clients’ businesses. It’s how we spot opportunities, keep pace and truly serve. We keep our ears open and then we constantly challenge our ability to deliver the exceptional.

Getting the right results is how we measure success, resolving customer challenges by working in complete collaboration with our network partners, suppliers and customers.

Your communications. Your way

Along with the dedicated service and support of your Business Solutions Associate and the wider team, comes our fully equipped communications management portal. Total Sense provides a live service roadmap and business news portal.

It gives you control over your roaming costs, allows you to bar lost/stolen handsets live on the network, test your office lines or simply keep your asset register and buying ability in one place.

And it gives you the flexibility to take, or leave, what you like so you can manage your estate, your way.

Empowering People - Disc showing people

Empowering people

We like to sum up our service ethos in four words: communicate, care, deliver, grow. It’s a two way process; your success and ours are inextricably linked.

It may sound clichéd but we believe the team at Total is our biggest asset. Great people working together to make things happen - and all committed to delivering great service.

Add in longstanding experience, passion, a pride in what we do and a comprehensive talent development programme. It’s no surprise then that we were first recognised with Investors in People in 2004 and have retained that accolade since.