700 million touchscreen-only smartphone shipments by 2016.

A recent study by Juniper Research predicts that shipments of touchscreen-only smartphones will reach 700 million per annum in 2016.

This staggering figure equates to 72% of total shipments, compared to just over half recorded in 2010.

The study, entitled Smartphone Evolution Strategies, offers extensive research in to the smartphone arena and has found an increasing trend for touchscreen interaction and a slow down of interest in hard-key only interfaces.

It is understood that touchscreen displays have seen a spike in popularity due to the user-led nature of the device. With a couple of extra inches contributing to a larger display, users are able to perform a greater range of activities, such as gaming or complicated applications, with ease.

Through the study, Juniper Research also forecast the following:

  • 3D enabled smartphone shipments will reach 80 million by 2016
  • Global smartphone shipments will reach one billion per annum in 2016 (an advance on 302 million in 2010)
  • Smartphones with a retail price of £150 or less will account for nearly one third of shipments in five years
  • Smartphones integrated with other devices including portable games consoles, tablets and netbooks, will become prevalent as vendors seek new and evolving USP’s

It appears that touchscreen technology is here to stay.

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