Blind people able to send text messages via App.

Brailletouch, a new app produced by Researchers at Georgia Tech, will help blind people to send text messages using touchscreen mobile devices.

To be released on Apple and Android devices, the app is based on the Braille writing system and users will be able to control it with six fingers and limited movement of the hands.

Users hold the device in landscape with the screen facing away from them. Then, they wrap the index, middle and ring finger in each hand around the phone.

Interestingly, using the app is said to be up to six times faster than the traditional method of texting without sight.

Throughout the blind community, there are growing concerns that the increasing amount of touchscreen technology available is making them “truly blind”.

It is hoped the Brailletouch application will go some way towards helping to break down the barrier of touchscreen communication for blind people.

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