Digital wristbands to hit UK festival scene.

Ahead of the anticipated festival season, microchipped wristbands have been trialled by more than 3000 music fans as part of the Eurosonic festival in the Netherlands.

The digital wristbands, created by Intellitix, are expected to combat ticket fraud and touting following their use at UK 2012 festivals.

They are also able to be pre-loaded with money, allowing people to pay for items such as food whilst at festivals.  

Whilst the bands have been a big hit in America, some UK critics have suggested that the wristbands infringe people’s privacy and could make festivals, known for their free spirit feel, too commercial.

Interestingly, the wristbands look just like current festival tags with the only difference being they are fitted with a microchip.

The technology used within the wristbands has been likened to that of London’s pre-paid Oyster card for use on public transport.

It has been confirmed that the wristbands will be used for general admission at a couple of UK festivals this year.

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