Facebook locked in patent lawsuit with Yahoo.

An intellectual property lawsuit has been filed by Yahoo against Facebook.

It is understood that social networking giant Facebook has infringed 10 patents held by Yahoo thought to outline internet advertising procedures.

In an official statement, Yahoo revealed that Facebook’s patent infringements include:

  • News feed generation
  • Commenting on social stories
  • Messaging
  • Methods to prevent fraudulent clicks
  • Controls surrounding privacy
  • Display advertising

Interestingly, whilst patent wars have become commonplace between smartphone manufacturers, this lawsuit is the first to be filed between the two Californian companies as well as being the first concerning social media.

In 2004, Yahoo sued Google in a case regarding patents which came to be in Yahoo’s ownership following its takeover of Overture.

That particular case came to its conclusion when Google offered 2.7 million of its shares to Yahoo.

How this particular patent war will be resolved remains to be seen.

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