Mobile connection speeds are on the rise

Following a recent survey carried out by The Guardian, it has been reported that mobile connection speeds in the UK have increased, but only in certain locations.

It is understood that, in the last two years, the average speed of a mobile phone connection in the UK has risen from 1.5 megabits per second to 2.6 megabits per second.

The Guardian’s mobile phone speed tester shows phones connecting to a 3G or 4G networks in the UK today, have speeds that certify as broadband for the first time.

According to the survey, these connection speeds are also likely to be faster than the Wi-Fi connection users receive at work or at home.

Whilst connection speeds are fantastic for people who have access to the networks, regular commuters have voiced concerns that connections remain patchy in rural areas, during rush hour and on motorways.

O2’s download rate was right on par at 2.64 megabits per second and coming just ahead of Orange and T-mobile’s shared EE network which has a combined average rate of 2.59 megabits per second.

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