NFC to benefit 500 million people worldwide by 2015.

According to new forecasts by Juniper Research, half a billion people will use their mobile devices as travel tickets by 2015.

This number is said to be five times the number reported last year.

However, this number is a reflection of the expectation that usage of near-field communication (NFC) is to become widespread following its popularity in Japan and several European countries.

SMS ticketing has been available for several years in large Scandinavian cities, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe.

Increasingly, reports state that services such as the metro, the subway and buses will offer contactless payment systems in the near future as many authorities begin the transition.

It is predicted that mobile ticketing will then be able to expand to include train and air travel, driven by mobile delivered bar coded boarding passes.

It remains to be seen if near-field communication services will prove popular in the UK.

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