Top 10 Handsets of the Noughties – Nokia 6310i – 2002

The contemporary business telecommunications consumer demands it all from their business mobile and therefore, business mobile providers are constantly striving to exceed expectations.

Whilst end user demands may have been different in the last decade, business mobile providers still worked hard to ensure they were leading the market, in terms of giving the customer what they wanted. Hence why, after the Nokia 6310i had been in circulation for a while, Nokia continued to move on with a range of consumer-friendly designs, colour displays and the launch of the Series 60 Platform. Yet the customer didn’t care – the business mobile customer still wanted the Nokia 6310i. But why?

Well, the Nokia 6310i was the first business mobile designed to fully address the battery issue. For most business mobile customers out of the office and dependent on their phone, running out of battery was the thing they feared most. Not only was the battery performance of the Nokia 6310i exceptional, it had a functionality which allowed the users to dictate how long they wanted their battery to last for, depending on whether they were a lightweight or heavyweight user.

The amazing staying power of the Nokia 6310i secured its longevity and a place on the Total Telecommunication’s ‘Phone of the Decade’ list.

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