Obama vs. Romney – The use of social media

Barack Obama has recently been re-elected as the President of the United States of America for the next four years.

Both Barack Obama and his rival, Republican Mitt Romney, used social media throughout the election campaign to reach out to the public trying desperately to win over as many people as possible.

Early this morning Barack Obama set the world record for the highest number of re-tweets received from a single tweet. Obama’s “Four more years” tweet received over 500,000 retweets making it the most popular post of all time.

However, leading up to the election campaign both candidates used a variety of social networking sites.

Statistics from a report by TheDrum has revealed that during their respective campaigns:

Obama posted:

106 Blog posts

21 YouTube videos

404 Tweets (150,106 retweets)

Romney Posted:

55 Blog posts

10 YouTube videos

16 Tweets (8,601 retweets)

Interestingly, even though Obama posted more tweets and received more retweets than Romney, it would suggest that Romney had greater levels of interaction per tweet with the public.

For each individual tweet posted Romney received 537.5 retweets, whereas Obama only received 371.5 retweets.

In comparison, Obama accumulated more likes on Facebook collecting 31million likes compared to Romney’s 12million.

Will the level of engagement with the public via social networking sites have increased by the time of the next election?

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