Phone battery flat? Take a walk!

Researchers in America have developed a way to generate electricity from human motion meaning that soon, mobile phone users may be able to charge their devices as they take a stroll.  

The device is placed in a shoe and then works by capturing the energy generated by moving micro droplets which can then be converted in to an electrical current.

The power generated by this process, according to the project researchers, is enough to charge a mobile phone or laptop.

However, scientists have said that transferring the energy created to a device is complicated.

Without wishing to plug a USB cable directly into the shoe from the device, researchers have presented the idea that the electricity-generating device could be connected to a shoe-bound wireless transmitter.

Bluetooth or WiFi technology could then be used to pass signals between the unit and the user’s handset in order to connect the two devices.

In the near future it is hoped that this technology will be accessible to the public.

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