Uganda is set to ban counterfeit mobile phones

It has been reported that Uganda is trying to ban millions of illegitimate, unregistered mobile phones that regularly connect to its local networks.

The ban is set to be introduced in July 2013 and will immediately disconnect millions of unregistered devices.

Currently, around 17 million illegitimate mobile phones are used regularly in Uganda.

In order to prove their handsets are legitimate, mobile users in Uganda will be required to verify their 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) device code. The majority of fake mobile phones do not have an IMEI code.

It is understood that the ban is being enforced mainly to stop fake devices joining local networks as counterfeit phones are a cause of dropped calls for users.

However, it is also hoped that the ban will help to safeguard the health and safety of the Ugandan public.

The majority of counterfeit mobile phones have not been tested. Therefore, regular users may suffer from the effects of dangerous battery leaks or even high levels of radiation.

The crackdown on fake phones also allows law agencies to identify, track and combat criminals that use unregistered handsets for illegal activities.

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