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Keeping you in touch... whatever it takes

Mobile: Overview


In a mobile world, communication is paramount.

Total is a key player in the UK marketplace, for both mobile voice and data solutions, from standard phones and BlackBerry®, to applications and hosting.

As a founding member of the O2 Data Centre of Excellence and a BlackBerry Solution Provider Alliance Member, you can rest assured that whatever your requirement or issue, here at Total, we have a wealth of experience working with a range of organisations, of all shapes and sizes and with many different requirements.

Our vast collective knowledge throughout the mobile solutions arena covers not only what is deliverable now, but also the emerging technology waiting around the corner. However, the basics are just as important too and it is absolutely critical that you are on the correct tariff. That's the correct tariff for you - not us. An efficient business that is well advised saves far more money than one which just opts for the apparently cheapest deal on paper.

The answer lies in communication. By listening, discovering and understanding your true needs and business drivers, at Total we ensure you obtain the best advice and financial benefits that spread much further than line rental and call costs.

Keeping you connected, whatever it takes. In our view, that's a true telecommunications partnership.

For more information about our Mobile Solutions simply contact us or view our case studies to see how these solutions are working for others.




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