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Unified: Overview


Unified - operating as a unit; ‘a unified utility system'; ‘a coordinated program'

'UC (unified communication) is a vision or philosophy that leads to solutions - it is not a product.' Blair Pleasant

These two quotes are a good place to start when trying to understand the definition of unified. The first one is straight out of a dictionary; the second is by Blair Pleasant, a respected unified communications strategist.

At Total we like to keep things simple.

To us, unified means accessible. To our customers, it means having all core services in one place and one contact for customer service, rather than multi-site call centres across different countries.

It is about bringing everything together - mobile, voice and data - and helping you achieve your business goals, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

It's also being aware of the future; of new products and services.

We don't believe in technology for technology's sake, but instead how it can all work together for the benefit of your business, rather than ‘just because it can'.

All in all, delivering measurable and accountable services as one genuine, manageable solution.

For more information, contact us or view our case studies to see how our unified solutions are already working for others.



See how our optional Helpdesk can be used to manage all areas of your telecoms in one place.
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