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Carter Construction


Carter Construction is an award winning, family owned business with over 65 years experience within the construction industry.  They have multiple offices, offering bespoke building solutions across the Midlands, South England and South Wales.  Their reputation for quality, building close working relationships and offering first-class service is second to none.

Whilst Total is at the forefront of identifying and providing new products and services, technology for technology’s sake is not a philosophy we promote; indeed our attitude to genuine solution fit was just what Carter Construction were looking for when they joined us five years ago.

Our commitment to excellent service, ability to offer honest business advice and provide complete telecoms management has led the company to fully realise that using one communications supplier can ultimately produce considerable savings, both financially and time wise.

Previously, Carter Construction experienced significant mobile service issues; from lack of service continuity or regular contact, to coverage problems.  Our initial approach wasn’t deemed invasive and instilled confidence, which led to Carter Construction moving their mobiles across to Total.

A decision which Stephen Whittle, Divisional Director at Carter Construction is still happy to have made: ‘At that time we had over sixty mobiles to port across and whilst we were concerned there could be problems, we needn’t have worried as the process went very smoothly’.

‘We now have over 160 mobiles with Total, along with our landline provision across both permanent and temporary sites, as well as undertaking a number of systems installs.  Working with just one company saves us considerable time and money.  Along with taking advantage of cross-savings, Total competently manage our telecoms, so we are able to concentrate on other aspects of our business.  In fact, administration in this area takes up to just half a day per month, due to their efficiency.’

‘Service is also continually outstanding. All staff take ownership of their actions and we never have any doubts our enquiries will be dealt with in a professional yet friendly manner, whether it be with my named customer service contact or Field Account Manager.  At Carter Construction we work to these same principles and have found it extremely refreshing to find this in a telecoms company’.

More recently the company has taken on a further product to address a particular business issue they faced.  Stephen explains: ‘Clients expect us to react quickly these days whether we are in the office or not, so being able to replicate calendar, contacts and email on a mobile basis has almost become essential.  In certain cases we couldn’t meet a client’s criteria without this capability.’

‘We have always trusted the advice provided by our account manager, which has proven itself accurate over and over again.  This case was no different and having explained our issues and requirements, the solution provided is ideal.’

HTC handsets were recommended and following a pilot with a small number of users, the devices have proved extremely functional and as a result grown immensely in popularity.  Users find them simple to operate and they have larger keys than some devices, due to a slide out keyboard.  They also integrate easily via Windows Mobile to the company’s small business server.

Looking ahead, there are plans afoot, following the success of the HTC solution, to extend implementation across the Carter Construction base and in addition the intention to benefit further from their Total partnership by exploring their systems capabilities for VoIP.

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