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Connectivity is the key to unified communications.

Combining all your points of contact and communication services together under one roof - multiple products, platforms and media.

The networks are changing - and at a rapid pace.

Everyone is talking about the 'next generation' and BT is leading the way with 21CN - changing the face of the network for the 21st century.

Working closely with BT Wholesale means Total have access to these products as soon as they become available.

The next generation of Ethernet services are being recognised as a serious contender in replacing traditional leased lines, for point to point connectivity.  And with good reason, as these services provide a scalable solution, with a host of attractive features:

  •  the potential to offer 100 meg bandwidth
  • removing the need for high cost hardware
  • substantially lower costs
  • simpler network topography
  • safeguards and resilience

Total's experience to provide tailored, innovative combined solutions ensures not only optimum cost efficiency and performance - but also resilience, as unlike many dedicated fixed connections, whereby if one site fails the whole system fails, we tailor 'fail over' arrangements, safeguarding effective business continuity.

Talk to the team at Total to find out more about the latest data connectivity solutions. Contact us or call us on 0845 070 5460.











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