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Converged Communications


A 'one stop solution' for your telecommunications strategy.

As the boundaries between voice, data and mobile communications have merged, many businesses already reap the rewards from improved service and increased cost savings by using just one supplier for all their requirements.

Whether you are looking to integrate your voice and data networks into one true converged solution or just want one company who can fulfil all your telecoms needs, there are a wealth of benefits to be had from embracing a converged communications strategy.

Total is a full service provider. What this means for you, is that you no longer have to manage a range of different suppliers, support services and billing. Instead, Total provides you with a fully integrated solution across each and every element of your telecoms portfolio.

Cynics may say ‘better to spread the load than get in to bed with one provider' - but in reality, due to the complexities and range of  platforms and hardware involved, pretty soon management and troubleshooting can become all consuming and overwhelming, even for relatively small organisations.

As communication experts, with a wealth of experience in business connectivity, our unified service enables you to focus on what you do best, whilst we do what we do best.

Talk to Total about how our unified solutions can work for you. Contact us or call us on 0845 070 5460.




See how our optional Helpdesk can be used to manage all areas of your telecoms in one place.
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