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Integrated Billing


There's a great saying: 'what you can measure you can manage'.

We think that's very true. However, the challenge usually starts when it comes to measuring!

We know that many of our customers have struggled in the past with multiple bills coming in from multiple suppliers, contending with reams of paper (or worryingly limited information), making any kind of analysis or cost control a time consuming and even nearly impossible task.

That all changed when they moved to Total. One supplier means just one bill with total clarity, whilst our bespoke online portal, YourView, has further simplified a once onerous task.

YourView allows access to all your call data and telecoms expenditure - mobile, voice and data - helping you to manage your account in just a few clicks of the mouse. We even involved a number of customers in the development and testing stages to ensure it provided the necessary features, functionality and flexibility to truly meet their demands.

From summary reporting to custom interrogation of your data, all information can be exported in spreadsheet format for further internal administration as required.

Once you gain a full understanding of exactly how all your telecoms systems are being utilised, measuring and managing becomes quick and easy.

Talk to the team at Total about YourView.  Contact us or call us on 0845 070 5460.



See how our optional Helpdesk can be used to manage all areas of your telecoms in one place.
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