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Keeping you in touch... whatever it takes

Mobile Data Solutions


Demand for continuous connectivity keeps on growing.

Whether in the office, on a train, at home or on a plane, we expect the same levels of access, speed and connectivity.

BlackBerry is now widely regarded as a staple business tool - just look at RIM's growth stats. And as a BlackBerry Alliance Partner, Total has been providing BlackBerry solutions since they were first introduced in the UK.

However, there are other resources available for you too - different platforms and operating systems - Windows Mobile, Symbian and of course new Android phones.

You can be confident that Total will find the right solution for you.

And of course, it's not just mobile data devices - there's also 3G connectivity for laptops via USB sticks too.

For every mobile data solution Total provides, we make sure that you are put on the best data tariff for your usage, whether domestic or overseas.

We'll also ensure that you have all the relevant applications you need too - meaning you get the most out of your resource.

Our aim is to help you stay connected, work smarter, maximise your time out of the office and improve communications and workflow, both internally and externally.

At Total, our focus is on keeping you in touch...wherever you are, so talk to our team to find the right solution for you. Contact us or call us on 0845 070 5460.




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