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Total Ltd joins UK Cloud Alliance

Total Ltd, today announced it is one of the founding members of a brand new initiative to bring clarity and trust to UK businesses looking to procure cloud services.

The UK Cloud Alliance, a collective of UK-based technology firms and service providers aims to guarantee the full transformational benefits of cloud computing. The Alliance will empower and enable UK businesses looking for new ways to answer their biggest challenges.

The objective is to provide medium sized UK businesses with a collection of technology choices that can be delivered via Star's private cloud platform and serviced by local specialists. This initiative brings together the best that cloud computing has to offer but delivered via local infrastructure and by local partners.

The 15 founding members of the UK Cloud Alliance span the breadth of enterprise IT and communications from telephony to security and from hardware migration to virtualization.

Total and its fellow alliance members support customers by adhering to a strict Code of Conduct that provides transparency and guiding principles to guarantee the customer's best interests, in addition to Service Level Agreements and any contractual terms. UK businesses now have clarity and confidence in their choice of cloud computing provider.

Stuart Davis of Total said:

"We are pleased to be joining the UK Cloud Alliance. The cloud market is certainly a hot topic in our industry and now we need to ensure it is relevant to our customers. Total believes that businesses don't buy cloud services; they buy solutions to tangible business needs. As a founder member of the Alliance, we hope to bring some clarity and demystify the cloud - the best place to achieve this is within the UK Cloud Alliance."

Ricky Hudson, CEO of Star, commented:

"We welcome Total to the UK Cloud Alliance. Beneath all the hype, cloud computing is very much in demand by a significant and growing proportion of medium sized UK businesses. This is about serving up UK technology to UK businesses because they like being served by local organizations that they can get to know, grow with and trust. Together, Star, Total and the rest of the Alliance will bring the innovation and value promised by cloud computing to the most dynamic sector of the UK economy."

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