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Voice: Tyco Electronics UK Ltd


Tyco Electronics is a highly diversified global company that manufactures products and services vitally important to residential and commercial customers.  Tyco Electronics UK Ltd is part of this international company and a global provider of precision-engineered electrical components for thousands of products.

When many companies decide to move their fixed line services, cost is generally the primary driver.  However, for Tyco Electronics UK Ltd, the creation of an up to date and accurate inventory was just as important. 

Paula Penny, UK Desktop Services Manager and Mike Fieldsend, Network Manager found that over the years, the acquisition of new sites and movement within the company meant a review of their telecoms account was overdue.  Billing analysis had also become complicated and hugely time consuming with a distinct lack of detail, and no easy way to identify irregularities.

With over 600 lines across 15 sites, as well as 300 homeworkers, the company also needed complete clarity over number ownership and their respective destinations.  Paula explains: ‘A wide variety of services were being billed to different phones each month.  We were also paying for some services that were no longer in existence.  We found it incredibly difficult, even impossible, trying to trace these with our existing provider and took the decision to move to Total, who already looked after our BlackBerry mobile data provision.’

Quality of service and the robustness of a Tier 1 carrier were important considerations, but for a large company with multiple sites across the country, business continuity whilst moving lines was paramount.  After thorough discussion and consultation with Total’s Operations Director, Lorrin White, a carefully staged migration was timetabled over several months.  Lorrin comments:  ‘We fully appreciated the need for a seamless transition, so began with a trial, and as a result the gradual change-over itself went very smoothly indeed.’

Paula adds:  ‘Total explained to me that this would be a paper migration and it certainly turned out be.  It was crucial that we didn’t experience any downtime and as a result of the trial stages, the procedure was systematic and we didn’t need to mention to some sites that they were changing at all.’

On moving to Total, it was agreed to strip all additional services from lines whereby usage was unclear.  Consequently, only a minority of employees queried their absence and requested specific services be reinstated.  Along with the obvious cost savings removing these services has made, Paula feels that she is now able to easily spot all anomalies and that as a consequence both her and Mike save valuable amounts of time and are fully in control of overseeing that nothing is moved or changed without a valid business case and prior notification.

This has been aided by the use of Total’s online billing system, YourView, and the Helpdesk, aspects of which have been customised for Tyco Electronics UK Ltd to integrate with their own systems and complement their own working practices.

Mike concludes: ‘Total make us feel like we matter as a customer.  We have specific, often complicated requirements but knowing that we can talk to individuals we know by name, who understand our set up and needs has been vital.  Total demonstrate true ownership of our queries and problems and whilst we have achieved substantial cost savings, the clarity we have gained as a result of the audit has been a real added benefit.’

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