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With the emergence of VoIP, early adopters seized this new technology and the cost efficiency benefits it presented.

However, many users soon discovered that ‘free' calls came at a price, with compromise to quality and reliability.

Now it's a different story. Network infrastructure, networking standards and connectivity products have caught up with this breakthrough technology.

Today's VoIP has become a viable and very realistic option for many organisations. With the advent of services such as MPLS (multiprotocol label switching), call traffic can be compartmentalised, ensuring the integrity of voice communications, whilst still allowing data and other media to use the same pipe.

As such, VoIP solutions can deliver flexibility and scalability, particularly in the case of multi-site operations. Total's agreements with a number of Tier 1 operators also mean we can identify the most cost efficient provider based on your geographical location.

Security of information won't pose a problem either. With experience in both deployment and management of service, Total can combine products to create an IP VPN (virtual private network) meaning your data stays separate from the public internet, assuring call quality and a secure environment.

VoIP has come of age and in the hands of the right partner, finally offers a genuine and resilient alternative to traditional switches.

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